Month: May 2015

Dodge City statue of longhorn steer "El Capitan"

Our time in Kansas was brief but eventful. Would you believe we visited a space center, saved a kittens life, stood on the east/west dividing line and...

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Kansas Is Full Of Surprises

Gateway Arch, St Louis, MO

This was a day in our trip I’ve been looking forward to, visiting St Louis, and it didn’t disappoint. In particular the Gateway Arch has a...

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A Day In St Louis, Wow!

So many apps

If you know me at all, you know that I tend to geek out on things. Well, this trip is no different so for anyone who might be interested, this post is...

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Geeking Out On This Trip

Someone's following us...

This would be my 23rd Indy 500 but my first chance to bring the entire family. We were blessed with perfect weather for the race this year and it was ...

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Indy 500 & Family Time

Ford F-350

They say when a racecar driver’s leading the race in the last few laps, a paranoia capable of triggering panic can appear out of nowhere. Does t...

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Paranoia Has Taken Hold


This weekend Ryan and I executed a successful dry run camping outing. We met our good friends the Metsala’s at our favorite campground, Indian B...

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Successful Dry Run Outing

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What Happened To Our Truck? | Steadman US Tour 2015: "[…] since dealing with our first mechanical issue on this trip, replacing the turbo assembly, our fuel mileage seemed to have plummeted. Since these […]"

What Happened To Our Truck? | Steadman US Tour 2015: "[…] we enjoyed a few days in Durango our F-350 was in the care of the service department at Durango Ford. What they diagnosed as our […]"

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