Collin in four states at once!

This is the one stop in our entire trip which Collin insisted on. Repeatedly he checked on us to assure it wasn’t getting dropped or overlooked in our planning. So the day finally came and he couldn’t have been more excited. As you can see from this photo, he was delighted to be able to place himself into four different states all at one time! He had one foot in Colorado with the other in Utah while a hand is in Arizona and the other in New Mexico!

I must say we’ve been getting very lucky with weather on this trip and today is no different. It promised to be rainy and overcast all day long. In spite of a steady and formidable rain we headed out on the forty mile drive to Four Corners. Our schedule’s tight enough that we don’t have other opportunities to get this stop in if we don’t get there as planned. Our luck held and just as we arrived the skies cleared leaving the sun and some blue sky to greet us at Four Corners!

Steadman family in four states all at once.Thankfully the poor weather outlook kept crowds away and we were able to step right up to the special spot. Here’s a picture we grabbed showing our family simultaneously spread across four states! That’s it. That’s what four corners is all about right? A fun thing to do and be able to tell people you were in four different states all at one time! Yeah, pretty much.

Except maybe one thing. You can’t overlook the Native American presence at this site. You see, the Four Corners location happens to sit within a Native American reservation. As a result they manage the facility and benefit from funds gathered.

Native American artistSurrounding the site are stations, numerous in each state, where Native Americans are on hand with their wares for sale. We strolled through all of the stations and viewed their artwork and crafts of which there were many beautiful offerings. Eventually we decided we really liked the artwork of the man pictured here and purchased one of his sand paintings. He’s Native American Navajo and shared numerous interesting stories, description of how the art was created and background on what the art means to the Navajo. We’ll enjoy displaying it in our home, remembering him and our visit to Four Corners.

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