Indy 500 2015

This would be my 23rd Indy 500 but my first chance to bring the entire family. We were blessed with perfect weather for the race this year and it was a great race. Yeah that’s us all dressed to match. We’re that family, but it really helps us to keep track of each other in a crowd and they’re a fun theme for our trip.

So, what follows are a few photos from the day with brief comments. It’s been a long day and we’re all a bit weary. Here ya go…

Someone's following us...We seem to have someone following us on this trip. Stalking us perhaps? In any case we’ve decided to call this pink tag-along “Flo”.

Yeah, that's a selfie...Just hanging together is fun for a change..

Steadman US Tour 2015The back of our shirts look like this. It prompted a few questions throughout the day.

Looking toward IMS turn oneOur view looking toward turn one where we usually sit. It was interesting being able to follow the pit action this year.

Juan Pablo MontoyaToday’s winner Juan Pablo Montoya at speed running down the front straight.

Family picnicAfter the race it was dinner at our campground with family…

Collin's gone fishing.And a little fishing.

Tomorrow, we hit the road to St Louis!

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2 thoughts on “Indy 500 & Family Time

  1. Love the shirts! I watched half of the race and thought about your family. The thing I remember most about Indy car races is the amazingly loud drone, and the relative, immediate quiet when a yellow flag comes out.

    • Yeah, we saw our share of yellow flags but it was still a great race!

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