Ford F-350

Last I discussed our truck it was a sad state of affairs. We’d had a breakdown while on the road in Colorado. We were trying to make it to Durango that day and wound up making the last 40 miles on a tow truck. Here’s a brief update on our truck.

While we enjoyed a few days in Durango our F-350 was in the care of the service department at Durango Ford. What they diagnosed as our problem was the fuel pressure regulator. Apparently there’s a screen in this critical part and that screen somehow had a hole in it which wasn’t supposed to be there. It had to be replaced.

In addition, while poking around in there they found that one of the fuel injectors was suspect. It had a crack of some sort which could be helped with a temporary fix but which could be expected to fail in the unpredictable future. We replaced that too. Ka-ching…

We got the truck back Wednesday night, all better. We left Durango, on schedule, making a short pull to Cortez, CO and have just today moved on again reaching Moab, UT. So far so good with the truck pulling its weight. Fingers crossed…

Incidentally, since dealing with our first mechanical issue on this trip, replacing the turbo assembly, our fuel mileage seemed to have plummeted. Since these latest repairs have been completed that fuel mileage seems to have improved noticeably.

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4 thoughts on “What Happened To Our Truck?

  1. Time to trade that thing in for a good Chevy! Glad you guys are having so much fun, hope you are getting a lot of great photos.

  2. Glad you have it back on the road. Pinhole in a piece of rubber can cause so much trouble!

  3. Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing the rest of the way.

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