View of Spanish Peaks from Lathrop State Park campsite.

Working our way toward Durango, this is just a single night stop. Dawnie searched out this campground while we were enroute back in Kansas. This was one of a handful of nights we didn’t have reserved in advance figuring the plan was to get as far down the road as possible.

Spanish Peaks as seen from our Lathrop State Park campsite.What a find! Lathrop State Park is a real jewel and the site we were assigned shows it at it’s very best. These photos show our view from the picture windows of the RV, spectacular. This pair of mountains are the Spanish Peaks, designated a National Natural Landmark. They served as an important landmark on the Santa Fe Trail and can be seen from more than 100 miles to the north.

Campfire at Lathrop State Park.We had rain during the evening we spent here but did still manage to fit in a campfire and the prerequisite ‘smores! I only wish we had more time to investigate this beautiful Colorado State park!

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  1. Awesome photos. Apparently the truck is well again. Did the boys pitch the tent?

    • You figured it out. That photo shows a neighboring campsite, not ours. But that was the view from our window!

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