Ford F-350

They say when a racecar driver’s leading the race in the last few laps, a paranoia capable of triggering panic can appear out of nowhere. Does the engine sound strong? Is that feedback through the steering wheel a problem? What’s about to break?

Today I find myself enduring that paranoia repeatedly.

With about eighteen hours till the green flag on our 5,000+ mile adventure (please forgive the lame sports analogy but it had to be done),  it happened while driving the truck down the highway this morning. All of a sudden I could swear I blew a tire or cut one at least. “NOT today” I’m thinking, “NOT today!” But no, the tires were fine. I’d stopped on an exit ramp to be sure.

Then a while later the radio, which represents a significant part of our “on the road” entertainment, fails to work. Is it dead? Why now? (and possibly an expletive… or two) It was fine.

Everything’s fine.

Take a deep breath.

With all the time and effort that’s gone into planning this trip, I’m a little edgy tonight…


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