Rented RV

These people… they’re everywhere… but you must avoid them, REALLY avoid them!

We’ve reached the point in our trip where we’re visiting the National Parks and with that comes the RV renters. They’re a danger and a menace! They have no idea what they’re doing in an RV and have no business being there. What’s worse is they generally don’t seem to care either. It’s a rental!

They could be anyone, a young family, a retired couple, just married… who knows but you can see them a mile away. The huge company name, url and 800 number on the RV are dead give aways but it’s their lack of skills that seals the deal.

These people don’t know how to drive an RV and shouldn’t be trying. They’re across the center line, they have no idea how wide their vehicle is and don’t seem to care. They take corners too tight, they turn into curbs, other cars, toes and pedestrians. They park without an exit plan, park over too many spots (handicap spots too), pass when they shouldn’t and don’t know what a turn signal is.

I’ve had less trouble with distracted (texting) drivers than these over confident rental drivers. They’re a danger to themselves and others. If you see one of these in the wild, stay away! Just stay away…


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