Blown tire on 5th wheel

At this point, I’m not sure if we cry or just laugh. We got an early start this morning leaving northern Utah headed for Grand Tetons/Yellowstone. Maybe an hour or two into the trip, in southeastern Idaho, I heard a dull pow and felt the truck rumble a bit. A quick look in the mirror and I could see we’d blown a tire on the 5th wheel!

Staring at an exit ramp only a quarter-mile ahead I slowed to a crawl and went up the ramp. Stopping at the top of the ramp I got out to make a quick assessment of the damage. One blown tire, body damage on the RV, and some wiring hanging loose/severed. A trucker pulled up next to us and pointed out a tire/truck shop within sight. He also pointed out the two stations nearest the exit ramp had no services. Good and helpful information. We crept the half-mile to the shop.

Repairs getting started by Michael.Repairs will include replacing two tires and reconstructing the wiring that got blown apart. We’re lucky it appears there was no damage to the axel, brakes, or other mechanicals in that area. So we truly are lucky, right? The damage could’ve been worse. This could’ve happened ten miles from an exit. That trucker didn’t have to stop and point us to nearby help. We’re lucky, that’s what I say.

RV at repair shop.So, here sits our RV getting service as we sit down the road a piece (Lava Hot Springs, ID) at a diner. Dawnie’s researching activities to do when we get to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. The boys are playing with devices and I’m putting this post together. Dawnie just said, “Great, we’re THAT family”. Noting we’re sitting and ignoring each other, sort of. Hey, we’re together 24/7 for over six weeks.

It’s ok… just more adventure.

2 thoughts on “Blowout in Idaho!

  1. Don’t miss Mesa Falls near Yellowstone. You’re right on top of the great pools at Lava Hot Springs. Great natural hot springs! We have many great friends in Pocatello and Idaho Falls if you need anything on your way to Yellowstone! Be safe out there!

  2. UPDATE: After this trip was completed, and all this damage was repaired, we learned that one of the axels on the RV was slightly misaligned. The misalignment was causing abnormal wear and excessive heat build-up for the tires. The end result was this blowout as well as another which had happened outside this trip, on a round-trip for Indy 500 weekend.

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