US-map3_titleOur big trip. Both Dawnie and I experienced nationwide trips with our families in our youth and have looked forward to doing this with our boys when the time was right. Well, we’ve decided the time is right. Our plan is to kick things off Memorial Day weekend with the Indy 500. From there we head west seeing sights, family and the country first hand.

I hope you’ll ride along with us through this blog. I hope to get some input from the boys to share here and Dawnie too. I’ll do my best to maintain a route map and a photo map as well. Follow my Twitter feed if that’s your thing or catch the latest from Facebook. One way or another you can see what we’re up to if you’re interested.

We’re preparing ourselves for this to be a big and memorable adventure bringing home a lifetime of memories and maybe a flub or two. We’ll watch for your comments as we add photos and posts along the way.

See you on the road!

4 thoughts on “The Big Trip

  1. So excited for you! What an adventure…I love a good road trip! Safe travels & I’ll be following along.

  2. You’ve surely had your share of road trips over the years, for all kinds of reasons! Great to hear from you Lisa!

  3. What an adventure is right! Happy travels to you, Dawnie and the boys. I’ll be checking your progress!

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