After six weeks, sixteen states and over 7,000 miles (7,336 to be exact but who’s counting) we’re back home! I still have some more posts to share from our trip as I was unable to keep my posts current with our travels. We were on a fierce pace.

Just after we crossed the line back into our home state of Tennessee we found a beautiful (and full) rainbow to greet us. It felt like someone was welcoming us back home and it was a great sight. It’s nice to be back home now and odd to wake up in the morning without having a destination targeted for the day.

In spite of so many miles traveled so many hours with each other and so much activity to keep up with I don’t think any of us were anxious to see it completed. The things we missed were family, friends, and our pets. The boys were especially excited to get inside the house and see all of the pets again.

You’ll notice the photo on this post doesn’t include a family group. By this point that may have been one thing they’d had enough of. There was no interest in “one last group picture” to close out the trip. That’s ok, I got plenty along the way.

So, I’ll have more posts coming from the last week or two of our trip but we’re actually home now. And resting…

1 thought on “We’re Home!

  1. Epic Trip! This is one that’ll be talked about by generations of Steadmans. So great you could do this

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