Grand Teton mountains

On this day we visited Grand Teton National Park but weren’t really in the Grand Teton mountains. We had a great view of the striking mountain range from many viewpoints and found a good bit of wildlife as well. The special part of this day, however, were the domesticated animals. To be specific, horses.

Horseback at Grand Teton National ParkDawnie’s been looking for an opportunity for us to do some horseback riding and this was a great spot. Along with about six others, we were led on a trail ride by our wrangler Sarah. What was to be an hour wound up at a bit over an hour and a half but no one was complaining, except for an occasional saddle sore comment here or there.

Horseback at Grand Teton National ParkSarah was great sharing information about the countryside we were seeing, both flora and fauna. We would avoid one area due to a wolf pack there which had recently been reintroduced to the park. One glacier visible high in the mountains is known to have remains of an airplane crash from years ago frozen deep within it.

Horseback at Grand Teton National ParkWe had a great time. No one got thrown and my horse reluctantly, and slowly, stayed in line. Ok, not really. She kept veering off course but we made it through just fine.

Horseback at Grand Teton National Park
Giving our horses a treat after the ride.
Horseback at Grand Teton National Park
Having fun on the trail.

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